Paint Sample Organization

If you're a maker and hand paint your pieces like me, this is a great way to organize your paint samples and make it easier to find the exact color you need!
I use Behr Marquee Interior paint in Satin finish in the 8oz Sample Size. The reason I chose satin is because on occasion I will spray paint a few details on a sign and hand paint. All my spray paint is in a satin finish. Consistency! 
Now full disclaimer: I am not a woodworker, never claimed to be. I am an artist who works with the medium of wood. I do not build elaborate furniture, work with jointery, or could tell you the species of wood based on its grain texture. I am not a woodworker and this project is all about function not aesthetic. I used scrap wood I had around and left it as is. If I did something you wouldn't, thats cool, you do you. I AM NO EXPERT!
Step 1: Cut all your material. 
Each of the shelves hold 6 containers a piece based on the size of the wall I was going to use and the amount of material I had in my possession. 
(10) - 1"x 28" (out of 1/2" plywood)
(10) - 2.5" x 28" (out of 1/2" plywood)
(10) - 2.75" x 28" (out of 3/4" standard pine boards)
I used my table saw, set the fence and cut away my sheet of plywood and slimmed my pine boards. After everything was the thickness I needed it; I trimmed using my miter saw to 28" in length. 
Step 2 - Cut out ALL of the circles. 
When I was first starting this project I thought I would just cut them out with my scrollsaw; and that would've worked fine but I don't have that much time in my life to dedicate to a home project. So instead I purchased a 3.5" Hole Saw that attached to my drill and cut my time down significantly. Make sure you have the bit attachment that connects to the saw so it'll fit into your drill. 
You'll be putting the circles into the 3/4" pine boards you cut down. Measure 2.75" from the edge for the first center point of the first circle. Then measure 4.5" to the next and repeat 4 more times. You'll now have the center point for all 6 circles with 1 in on each side of the circle. ( Look at super professional sketch)
Place the drill bit on your center mark and hold on with two hands. Take it slow, don't push too hard, it'll like to kick back on you if you force it too much. Make sure to clamp down your board so it doesn't go twirling around with the hole saw. Also sometimes it was easier to cut half way through on one side and then flip it over. Again- do what works best for you. After 60 times you'll figure it out!
Repeat Step 2 - 60 times!
Step 3- Putting it all together!
When getting ready to install I first screwed the small 1"x28" onto the wall. They are 3" apart. I glued and brad nailed the "bottom" of the shelf to the front. Then starting from the top (because you won't have room for the drill if you go bottom to top - made that mistake!) drill screws from the bottom into the 1/2" piece of wood in the wall. Two screws on each was secure enough for my liking. 
Step 4- Fill her up!!! 
Step 5 - Happy Dance and take pictures to show off! (Please tag me!)
 Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you enjoyed it and think others will benefit please share on social!! 
Cheers! - Robin


  • Laura Kacir

    Will definitely use for inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Hayes

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

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