meet robin

the artist behind the dust

with my own two hands

I've been working at this small business of mine since 2017 and couldn't have imagined being where I am today. I started off painting pretty letters with watercolor and wood burning rustic signs. Somehow all of that evolved into what it is today. Creating art with my own two hands, using my trusty scroll saw to create meaningful and unique pieces for individuals home and businesses. 

The driving force behind this business is my passion to bring joy into peoples lives. To me; I can achieve this with my art. It's not as simple as throwing some paint on wood and calling it a day. This obsession of mine is a calling, a calling to bring life into a mundane object that brings light and positivity into your home or gifted to loved one. ​​

I want to create works of art that can be past down from generation to generation. I want to create one of a kind pieces that stop you in your tracks and make you think. I want to create a piece that evokes so much emotion you can help but sit still and listen. These are all powerful statements, but it's what gets me up each morning to continue to learn and master my craft. ​

Thank you from the bottom of my heart; for joining me in my journey. 

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Robin did an amazing job designing and creating custom nursery signs for us! The detail was amazing and the quality was absolutely perfect. She got them done so quickly! We love them! Thank you Hey Birdee, we will cherish them forever!

Freedom, WI

I absolutely love all my designs from Robin! She puts so much effort and heart into all of her work! Highly recommend her!!

Neenah, WI